Courtesy Warning - Audit of HOME team game reporting and VISITOR team verification will be occurring on Monday, January 28, 2019

Jan. 22, 2019

Hello All BGL Team Staff,

The following message (below) was sent to you all on December 10, 2018 at 4:40 PM.  This is a courtesy warning that an audit of HOME team game reporting and VISITOR team verification will be occurring on Monday, January 28, 2019.  Please be sure that your Team Manager or Administrator has logged into your teams webpage to complete all necessary tasks (up to the deadlines of this date).  Should your team have any incomplete game reporting, unloaded gamesheets, or non-verified games, your association could be faced with a possible fine up to $300 per instance.

Thank you - BGL Statistician







  1. Remember your reporting deadlines according to the HOW TO REPORT A SCORE instructions.  Session 1 was your grace and learning period.  Going forward for session 2, deadlines and fines will be adhered to.
    • HOME team game sheet entry with 24 hours of game conclusion
      • Check back after the VISITOR team has done their verification, you may have errors that need correcting.
    • VISITOR team verification of game sheet data entry within 72 hours of game conclusion
      • If you reported errors and the HOME team has corrected them, please go back and change status to VERIFIED. 
  1. You must always click “Game is Finished” after you enter the score so that it will show up on the front end of the website. 
  1. The hard copy game sheet must be uploaded. This file is opened and reviewed for each and every game.  It must be clear and legible.  Please be sure to check the file before uploading.  Please remember to have your parent volunteers review the Ringette Alberta “How to fill out an Official Game sheet”
  1. For U12 and higher, GOALIE information is to be enter on the hard copy game sheet. There are fields that need to be completed on the bottom of the game sheet.  Please instruct your parent volunteer who is the SCOREKEEPER that this must be done.  Then after the game is completed the HOME team must enter (as part of the How to Report a Score instructions) the following:
    1. Click menu button GOALIES
    2. ONLY enter the following information for all goalies that played during the game. Do not enter any of the other fields.
    3. # (Jersey number of Goalie)
    4. Min (Minutes Played)
    5. Click UPDATE GOALIES 
  1. Managers need to clearly indicate on the hard copy game sheet if an AFFILIATE PLAYER has played a game. AP should be marked beside the player’s name on the roster.  Please review the Ringette Alberta policy for AFFILIATION.  If a team if found to have used an affiliate player incorrectly, it will be reported to Ringette Alberta. 
  1. All teams need to review and become aware of section 1805 Automatic Suspensions of the BGL Operations Manual.




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