How To Report A Score

Your BGL Association Representative will email the BGL Statistician, with your Team Code (ex: SGV-U1?6?A-1, EDM-U10S1-1), Team Manager name (or designate), email address, and phone number that they would like to be contacted at throughout the year.  Your BGL Statistician, will assign each team a username and password.

The team Manager will sign on to the BGL website (top left corner on the BGL website or by CLICKING HERE) and input ALL the team staff (all divisions) and player roster information (U16 and U19 only).  Instructions are below.

The manager must ensure that team staff and roster information are inputted onto the BGL website before the game schedule begins.

If your association's website is also with Ramp, your BGL login information should be given to your association's webmaster to enter into the back end of your associations RAMP website.  This will link all stats and information from the BGL website to your home association website.


Click Staff Members on the left menu bar, and click Add Multiple.  Add all staff including their position and email address, that will be listed on the Ringette Alberta Team Roster Form (TRF).  Click Submit.  After this is completed, for the Head Coach and Manager, please click the edit button to the right of the staff member's name.  Ensure there is both a cell phone number and an email address entered for the Head Coach and the Manager. Click Submit.

PLAYER ROSTER ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS (This is only for U16 and U19 teams only.  Do NOT enter player rosters for all other divisions)

Click Players on the left menu bar, and click Add Multiple. Add all names.  Do not enter jersey numbers, but rather number the players (ex: 1 through 18).  Click Submit.

After this is completed, if your team has entered any players that are affiliates on their roster, please click the edit button to the right of the player's name.  Please ensure AP is checked and click Submit. 

If your association does not want your player stats visible to the public, please go into each player by clicking the edit button to the right of the player's name.  Then check the box Hide From Public and click Submit.  

For privacy, as names will still appear on game reports, please only enter the player's first name and their last name initial.  ***Do not delete players, as this will delete all stats to date.



The HOME MANAGER uploads the gamesheet information (as described below) and the hard copy game sheet on the RAMP website with in 24hrs.  You can also complete this from your phone or computer by going to Ramp Login site and using your team's manager log-in and password.


  1. Click Games
  2. Locate the correct game and click the Game-sheet
  3. Click Final tab - input final score - click Game is Finished, then Submit
  4. Click Upload Files tab - Upload Game sheets. Simply Browse your drive to select the scanned image and then upload.  Be sure to select the type of upload as well. This is for uploading a copy of the game sheet.  You can also supply any notes to the upload. RAMP will not accept file names that use any symbols.  Game-Sheets CANNOT have the following special characters in the file name, otherwise the file will be corrupted. UNUSABLE File Name Characters - ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )  Suggestion of file names: game sheet 89.  You can also upload a photo of the game sheet that you have taken on your phone, using your library.  Uploaded game sheets must be clear and legible, otherwise you will be asked to upload again.

 The VISITING TEAM MANAGER needs to verify within 48 hours, that the information on the website is correct according to the paper game sheet they received after the game. 

  1. Click Games
  2. Locate the correct game and click the Verify button
  3. When the home team has inputted the score and gamesheet upload, it is the visiting teams job to ensure that the score and gamesheet upload are correct by changing the Verification Status. It will show Pending Verification.  If all looks correct then change the status to Verified.  If there are errors, then change it to There are Errors.  Any discrepancies can be documented in the notes and the home team is to rectify.  Nothing can vary from the official game sheet.  Send the HOME Team Manager an email asking them to address the errors.
  4. Once it has been changed the visiting manager needs to verify the game. Please recheck frequently to see if the changes have been made.  If errors are not being corrected in a timely manner, please contact the BGL Statistician.



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