Blackout Periods for Regular Season BGL Scheduled Games

1107. Quiescent Periods for Regular Season BGL Scheduled Games

Quiescent Periods are days or parts of days for which no games are scheduled for specified Teams, Pools, Levels, or Divisions. Depending on the Season, the Association may prescribe quiescent periods.

Associations may request Quiescent Periods for Individual Teams.


Requests by Associations must include:

- Date(s) of the desired quiescent period;

- The League assigned code for Team.

Must be submitted to the BGL Schedule Coordinator by {C9} for the 2nd Session. There is no guarantee that the request will be satisfied as the ability to satisfy the request depends on the ability to schedule required games at other times.

Association Requested Quiescent Periods when Hosting a Tournament

Associations may request quiescent periods for their own Teams when hosting a tournament. The request must include the following information:

- Date(s) of the tournament;

- The Divisions and Levels that will be participating in the tournament;

- The League assigned code for Team(s) that will be participating in the tournament.

Note that such requests do not affect the requirement for the Association to provide the required number of ice slots for BGL Scheduled Games

PLEASE NOTE: This form will only be accepted from the DECLARED Association BGL Representatives, NOT individual teams.

Quiescent - Scheduling Blackout - Request Form (click here)

Please email completed form to:

BGL Scheduler at





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